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Italian Lavender Seeds

Italian Lavender Seeds

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(24-28") This variety has a rich lavender-blue flower and green leaves. When well cared for and in an ideal spot the plants are full and lush and live for 6-10 years.

(L. angustifolia)
Perennial. 29,000 seeds/oz. Pre-chill one week in refrigerator, then germinate at 70°F, 20-28 days.

Our lavenders are the hardiest and most fragrant varieties available from seed. The plants bloom in early summer and if pruned lightly after flowering may rebloom in late summer. Grow in full sun in a location with well drained soil.

Lavender can survive cold winters as long as there isn't standing water over the winter. Amend acidic soils with lime. Until they are mature lavender plants need to be watered weekly in dry weather. For dried flowers harvest before they open fully and store in a cool, dry place. Unless otherwise noted our lavender varieties are hardy from Zones 5-9. Edible, fragrant flowers.

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They're Growing!

I first discovered Northeastern Seed in October of last year when I was ordering lavender seed for a school-related project. I've really liked how they've changed their site format in the past couple of months and the new varieties of seed that they're introducing to their customers. So far the french variety of lavender seed that i've purchased has held up well. I wet stratified the seeds in a ziplock baggie with some sterile potting mix for a month in my fridge pulling em out and throwing the whole bag under a grow light. I found this to be easier as the size of the individual seedlings mixed in with a dark potting soil makes it kinda hard to pull individual seeds out. It was easier (for me at least) to leave the seeds in the bag and pull out individual seedlings with a pair of forceps once their seed coats had broken and the root cap was emerging. haven't had any issues with disease or root rot with any of the seedlings and they've actually grown quite a bit considering how slow it can be to start lavender from seed (the provided photo is about 1.5 months of growth).

How we ship your seeds

Most of our seeds, with the exception of our retail packets, are sent to you in moisture resistant re-closable bags. Each bag is sized for the amount of seed inside and can keep the seed safe year after year with proper storage.

By using these durable bags, we are helping to ensure seeds stay at their peak longer and make things easier for you, the grower.

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