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Time to Direct Sow Seed – May 2022

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”That quote from Connecticut’s own Audrey Hepburn reminds us what the simple act of planting a seed can lead to ….. Welcome to New England Seed’s Newsletter. From time to time, month to month, we will offer up an article of...

The Fuss About Frost Dates

Many seed packets say to wait until “all danger of frost has past” before you plant. It’s hard to know when there will be a frost or when the last frost has happened for any given year. Don’t rely entirely on “frost-free” dates that are published by the USDA. The USDA...

Seed Sowing by Soil Temperature

Seeds react to the soil and water that they are in contact with, not the air above the soil. Just like people, some seeds like it cold, some like it hot. Some like to hide in the dark, some prefer to bask in the light. All seeds have a preference. To be successful...
Direct Seeded Flowers

Direct Seeded Flowers

Some flowers just do better when their seeds are planted in the garden. It may be that they develop a root system that doesn’t transplant well or that they need the soil to be a certain temperature to germinate. There are also flowers that people like to plant a lot...
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