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Lil Red Rock Improved F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds


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(5-7 lbs.) Lil Red Rock Improved F1 Hybrid seedless triploid watermelon features a round to oval shape with a dark crimson sweet rind pattern. Flesh is bright red and crisp with small seed pips, a high brix and great flavor. High yields and very uniform fruit round out this outstanding watermelon’s features. FW and GSB tolerant. 75-78 days.

Seedless Type

Seedless varieties are triploid. They should be started in the greenhouse and transplanted when soil temperature in the field are 65°F. Seedless watermelons need a pollinator variety planted with them.

Seedless watermelons require special attention. They must be started indoors. Start at the same time as your pollinator variety (packet of sugar baby gratis with your order).

Use very well drained seed starting mix kept at a steady soil temperature of 85°F. Sow seedless watermelons 3 weeks before outside soil reaches 65°F. Seedlings cannot be transplanted until they have 2-3 sets of leaves and their roots have filled the soil in the pot.

300 seeds/oz.; 8 days, 70-72°F.


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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent


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