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RST-04-105-T Tomato Rootstock

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RST-04-105-T is a vigorous tomato rootstock variety that is easy to graft. It is suitable for soil and hydroponic production systems. It is resistant to FOR, FW Races 0 and 1, ToMV, N and BW.

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1 review for RST-04-105-T Tomato Rootstock

  1. c24mccain1976 (verified owner)

    This rootstock is succeptible to oedema (edema) when growing indoors under incorrect conditions. I just experienced it with these seeds, thankfully I only planted a few to practice grafting. Some on other sites mistakenly thought it was a fungus issue but upon research it is an issue where the leaf can’t transpire and has to much water so blisters form. In my case I had no air circulation, humidity at 65-78%, so im going to put in a fan and lower the humidity as i believe this will solve the problem. Just do some research on edema. Its not an issue with the supplier. Its hard to give a rating at this point so I only gave it a three at this point because the variety is finicky. My sungold tomatoes in same conditions are not suffering from edema. I think this post will help others.

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