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Celebrity F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

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(8 oz.) Celebrity F1 Hybrid tomato is an AAS winner that starts producing mid-early and continues right up until frost. The large, 3 1/2″ oblate fruits are firm, smooth, deep red and exceptionally flavorful. A great determinate tomato for the home garden and commercial grower. Resistant to ASC, FW Races 1 and 2, RKN, ST, ToMV and V. 70 days.

Determinate Tomato

Bush or spreading plants that can be left unsupported or put on short poles, trellises and in cages. They produce one main crop.

9,000-11,000/oz. 7-14 days. 70-75°F.
Sow early indoors in cool climates. Sow 3-5 weeks before predicted last frost. Transplant outside 6-8 weeks from sowing.

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F1 Hybrid, AAS Winner

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1 review for Celebrity F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

  1. Patricia K., Sandy Ridge, NC

    My number one seller always sell out of this plant, it is as it says a CELEBRITY!

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