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Beefmaster VFN F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

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(Up to 2 lbs.) Beefmaster VFN F1 Hybrid is a perfect slicing tomato producing large, smooth, beefsteak fruits. Slightly ribbed fruit with an outstanding rich flavor. Stake or cage to save space. 80 days.

Indeterminate Tomato

Vining plants that are best when staked and trimmed. Can also be used in tall cages. They produce fruit continuously.

9,000-11,000/oz. 7-14 days. 70-75°F.
Sow early indoors in cool climates. Sow 3-5 weeks before predicted last frost. Transplant outside 6-8 weeks from sowing.

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F1 Hybrid

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1 review for Beefmaster VFN F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

  1. Patricia K., Sandy Ridge, NC

    Meaty tomato
    Big tomato with a big taste. Sell a lot of these plants for customers who want a good size tomato.

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