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Principe Borghese Italian Tomato Seeds


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(1 oz.) Principe Borghese is the Roma tomato of cherries. This Italian tomato has rich tomato flavor and almost no juice or seeds. It is eaten fresh in salad, dried or made into sauce. All fruit in a cluster will ripen at the same time. The plants are disease resistant, drought resistant and productive. 78 days.

Semi-Determinate Tomato

Between Indeterminate and Determinate in height. Produces two main crops. Needs some support.

9,000-11,000/oz. 7-14 days. 70-75°F.
Sow early indoors in cool climates. Sow 3-5 weeks before predicted last frost. Transplant outside 6-8 weeks from sowing.

Additional information

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Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Italian Gourmet

Growth Habit

Semi Determinate


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