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Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard Seeds

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Rainbow Mix Heirloom Swiss Chard features leaves that are different shades of green and the stems are a palette of gold, crimson, pink, pink-and-white striped, purple, orange, scarlet, white and green. Young leaves are suitable for salads. Cook mature leaves briefly as prolonged cooking fades the colors. Will grow to 20”. 49 days.

1,000 seeds/oz.; 2 lbs./acre.
14 days, 68-86°F.



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Heirloom, Open Pollinated


Suitable for Microgreens

1 review for Rainbow Mix Swiss Chard Seeds

  1. Lancaster, MA

    Rainbow Swiss Chard
    I really enjoy Swiss Chard, but this is my first attempt at growing it. I started planting right after Memorial Day. We had our first sample of early greens sauteed in garlic and olive oil this weekend. Quite a treat!I ammended the soil with dehydrated cow manure during spring preparations, and also fed with organic fertilizer a couple ofweeks after the leaves appeared.I estimate that at least 90% of the seeds germinated and produced plants. I followed planting instructions closely, but tend to lose some plants due to preference for organice approaches, and lack of gardening experience.The Rainbow Mix is particularly pleasing to watch grow. The greens make a colorful and tasty side dish.I’m very happy with this seed choice and look forward to beating the bugs to the harvest.

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