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Providence TripleSweet Sweet Corn Seeds

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(SYN) Synergistic

Synergistic. 75% SE kernels, 25% SH2 kernels on each ear. Synergistic sweet corn has the tenderness and sweetness of SE and SH2 types. Isolate from SH2 and dry/popcorn types.

Untreated Seed.

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TripleSweet varieties deliver more consistent, long-lasting sweetness. As a main season variety, the Providence TripleSweet features long, well-filled, slightly tapered ears and a medium-green husk. Suitable for roadside as well as local markets and home gardens. 8” ears, 14-18 row count, 6 1/2′ tall. 82 days.

150 seeds/oz.; 10 lbs./acre; 70°F-75°F soil temperatures at planting.

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2 reviews for Providence TripleSweet Sweet Corn Seeds

  1. A Bonawitz., Millersburg, PA

    This corn is fantastic!!
    I purchased this seed because I always liked the corn that my local roadside stand sold; they said it was Providence. I grew my first crop of it this summer, and it performed outstandingly! Sturdy stalks, large full ears filled to the tip, not a worm anywhere and the corn is sweet, tender and delicious! Out of this world! If I could, I’d attach a picture so you could see how beautiful it was. I highly recommend Providence Triplesweet!

  2. Bonnie S., Spiro, OK

    Providence corn
    We love this corn. It’s still coming up. So far, we’ve had a slow start. Maybe because of so much rain, we had to reorder & replant. Time will tell.

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