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Green Griller F1 Hybrid Summer Squash Seeds

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Green Griller F1 Hybrid zucchini summer squash is rectangular in shape and when sliced the long way, is perfect to put on the grill and will not be difficult to turn over. Works well in combination with Grey Griller and Grenade. Also makes an excellent novelty squash. Green Griller features a low, open bush habit with low spine count. Intermediate resistance to ZMV. C. pepo. 38 days from germination.

(Oval Zucchini Squash)
175-300/oz. (Seed Variable);
2-8 lbs./acre.; 7-10 days, 72°F. Start early indoors in pots and transplant after last spring frost. Can also be seeded directly in the field after soil temperature is 72°F.



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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent

1 review for Green Griller F1 Hybrid Summer Squash Seeds

  1. Melissa J., Chinquapin, NC

    My favorite!
    The taste of this squash is amazing! It was a big seller for us at market and was so easy to grow.

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