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(16-18 lbs.) Tours is a beautiful, upright, oval pumpkin that adds height and a different shape to fall displays. It is dark green with pale green striping and has pale yellow flesh. Tours has a long history of use in France for pickling, soups, jam and animal feed. The extremely large seeds (about 80 per ounce) have medicinal properties for people and animal and produce a tremendous amount of oil when pressed. The fruit will store for 5 months. C. pepo. 95 days.

(Citrouille de Touraine)
100-300 seeds/oz. (Seed Variable); 1-4 lbs./acre.; 7 days, 72°F.
Start early indoors in pots and transplant after last spring frost. Can also be seeded directly in the field after soil temperature is 72°F.


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