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Pepitas F1 Hybrid Pumpkin Seeds


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Pepitas F1 Hybrid Pumpkin is a 2016 National AAS winner. Pumpkin Pepitas have a sweet flesh that can be eaten baked or raw, but these beautiful pumpkins are not typically grown for their flesh or even as ornaments. Their treasure is in the delicious hull-less seeds they produce. ‘Naked’ seeds are much easier to eat fresh or roasted (no hulls to remove), are very nutritious and high in protein. Disease resistant vines are typically 4-6 feet producing numerous 9-12 pound round fruits. Each fruit is deep orange streaked with green and packed with seeds. Grow it for a fall decoration, succulent flesh or nutty seeds! 90 days.

200 seeds/oz. (Seed Variable); 1-4 lbs./acre.; 7 days, 72°F.
Start early indoors in pots and transplant after last spring frost. Can also be seeded directly in the field after soil temperature is 72°F.


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F1 Hybrid, AAS Winner


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