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Sunrise F1 Hybrid Pumpkin Seeds



(2 lbs) Sunrise F1 Hybrid Pumpkin is pale orange with pale speckles and dark orange stripes along the ribs. This mini pumpkin features deep ribbing. Plants are very productive and bear the fruit from the crown, similar to summer squash. Vines average only 2’ long are suitable for intensive or container growing. Excellent for display and delicious eating. Ave 12+ fruits/plant. 77-80 days.

100-300 seeds/oz. (Seed Variable); 1-4 lbs./acre.; 7 days, 72°F.
Start early indoors in pots and transplant after last spring frost. Can also be seeded directly in the field after soil temperature is 72°F.

Pumpkins in Pots? Yes you Can!!

These varieties grow their pumpkins from the crown of the plant and only have short vines. Each plant will produce 5-8 pumpkins weighing about 1 pound each. Looking to grow a larger pumpkin in a pot? Try Scream II.

Step by Step:
1. Choose a large container, at least 5 gals
2. Make sure the container has drainage holes
3. Fill with container mix and compost.
4. Plant 2-3 seeds in each pot. Thin to 1
5. Place in sunny location slightly off the ground
6. Water regularly; sometimes daily in hot weather
7. Feed every 3 weeks with a balanced fertilizer
8. Pick your pumpkins as they mature (75-90 days)

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent


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