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Xaman Rojo F1 Hybrid Habanero Pepper Seeds

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Crop Failure for 2018

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Xaman Rojo F1 Hybrid exhibits a deep orange-red skin and typical habanero shape that measures an average of 4-5 cm long. This habanero pepper has high uniformity, is very aromatic, and EXTREMELY hot. Xaman Rojo F1 average’s 200,000 Scoville units. We believe this F1 habanero hybrid is the best of it’s kind plus it adapts to most regions and cultivation conditions. Intermediate resistance to CMV. 95 days.

(Capsicum chinense)
4,000 seeds/oz.; 21-26 days, 72°F.
Start early indoors and transplant well after last frost. Grow seedlings at 62°F night temperature and 70°F day temperature. Lower temperatures permanently reduce plant productivity.

Scovilles are a measure of heat.

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent

1 review for Xaman Rojo F1 Hybrid Habanero Pepper Seeds

  1. Kathleen L., Waukee, IA

    Super Red Habanero’s
    These seeds germinated well. Almost 100% and I am thrilled with their progress.

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