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Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot Pepper Seeds

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(Hot Banana)
Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot peppers are light yellow to red, medium-thick wall fruit 5 1/2” x 1 1/2” wide. Strong upright plant growth. 65-70 days.

(C. annum)
4,000 seeds/oz.; 21-26 days, 72°F.
Start early indoors and transplant well after last frost. Grow seedlings at 62°F night temperature and 70°F day temperature. Lower temperatures permanently reduce plant productivity.

Scovilles are a measure of heat.

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2 reviews for Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot Pepper Seeds

  1. lisa s., Delta Junction, AK

    hungarian yellow wax hot
    Wonderful peppers! Have grown them for yrs!

  2. Wendell W., Rockwall, TX

    Banana Peppers in Tomato Salad
    I use these Hungarian Yellow Hot peppers to go into the tomato salads I prepared, and they are at the right heat range. Commonly called "Banana peppers" in some regions, these peppers are ideal for eating with vegetables and putting in soups and stews.

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