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Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea Seeds

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18-24” tall. Dwarf Grey Sugar is ideal for growing your own pea tendrils! This is a prolific snow pea with sweet and crisp pods. Pick them at 2 1/2” long for best quality. You can also harvest seedlings at 10 days old for salad and stir fries. The tips of mature plants including the flowers can also harvested for the same purpose. Resistant to FW. 65 days.

120 seeds/oz.; 1,920 seeds/lb.; 85 lbs./acre.
7 days, 60-70°F.

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Heirloom, Open Pollinated


Suitable for Microgreens

1 review for Dwarf Grey Sugar Snow Pea Seeds

  1. vernday (verified owner)

    Excellent seeds for growing peas shoots indoors under lights. One pound is sufficient for approximately six (6) 10 X 20 trays. Each tray has regrown for 2 or 3 cuttings after initial cutting. Days to germination = 2, days to first cutting of shoots = 8. Highly recommended!!

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