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Pinot Rouge F1 Hybrid Onion Seeds

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Pinot Rouge F1 Hybrid is a short day, Red Granex type with long shelf life. Very dark red with mild taste and great interior color at maturity, very large. Tolerance to PR.

(Allium cepa)
9,000 seeds/oz.; 3-4 lbs./acre; 10 days, 70°F.
Short-Day onions are onions that require 10-12 hrs of daylight. Short day onions are recommended for southern states.
Sow directly in the field or early in containers. Cut plants back by half if they stretch in containers. Allium cepa unless otherwise noted.

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent

1 review for Pinot Rouge F1 Hybrid Onion Seeds

  1. keith h., roseburg, OR

    all around good onion
    I planted as a test 10,000 of these last year and was really pleased with how long they kept in fact I just ate the last ones this month january from a harvest that happened in june. I sold that last 400 pounds or so in december and just maybe 2 percent wanted to grow tops but they all were solid and no rotten ones. Good flavor and good size with better care and fertilizer I’m sure they would yield better and bigger. Only bad was they did have a smaal percentage of yellows mixed in but over all I was pleased.

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