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Rouge de Hiver Lettuce Seeds

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Rouge de Hiver is a very beautiful European heirloom romaine lettuce from the 1800’s. The large, flat and broad leaves are sweet with a buttery texture. Color varies from green to bronze to deep red. A quick grower, Rouge de Hiver is heat and cold tolerant. 55 days.

15,000 seeds/oz.; 7-14 days, 50-70°F.
Can be started early indoors or directly in the garden. Grows best in cool weather, 55-60°F.
Seeds go dormant at temperatures above 85°F.

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Heirloom, Open Pollinated


Suitable for Microgreens

1 review for Rouge de Hiver Lettuce Seeds

  1. Leslie, Wallingford, PA

    Rouge D’Hiver-The Best Lettuce I have ever had
    I planted this last fall (actually Late Summer in August) for a fall crop. Even through a heavy frost (25 F) it continued to produce and we harvested it up until Christmas. This will be the first lettuce I order this Spring. It was sweet and tender the whole time and never got tough as some other varieties do as they mature.

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