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Red F1 Hybrid Komatsuna Seeds


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Komatsuna may be the new kale. Red F1 Hybrid Komatsuna is mild and delicious, great raw or cooked and nutrient dense. The plants are easy to grow and tolerant of hot and cold weather. The leaves are round and deep red with a green underside. They are crisp and tender in salads and tasty when cooked like kale or spinach. The leaves are held upright by slender, succulent green stems which keeps them clean in rainy weather. 21 days, microgreens. 35 days, baby leaves.

(Brassica rapa var perviridis)
11,000 seeds/oz., 7 days, 70-80°F. Plant early spring through late summer for baby greens.

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F1 Hybrid


Suitable for Microgreens


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