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Mexican Sour Gherkin. (1 x 1/2″) Mouse Melon wins the prize for being our cutest vegetable and most likely to be eaten by children. It looks like a miniature watermelon but is actually a venerable Central American vegetable related to the cucumber. It is crisp, a little bit lemony tasting and does not need to be peeled. Use it raw in salads, pickled like a gherkin or stir fried with other vegetables. The 10′ plants are vigorous vines that are untroubled by insects and disease. They are drought tolerant and bear up until the first fall frost. 70 days.

(Melothria scabra)
10,000 seeds/oz. Up to 28 days, 75ºF.
Start early indoors and transplant after 3-5 weeks or sow directly outside when soil temperature reaches 72°F.

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Heirloom, Open Pollinated


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