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Certified Organic Tendergreen Cucumber Seeds


Certified Organic by Baystate Organic CertifiersCertified Organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers

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Our Certified Organic Tendergreen Cucumber is one of the first ‘burpless’ cucumbers developed, almost an heirloom (90+ years). Non-bitter smooth skin, medium green with few spines. Long vines produce an abundance of uniform fruit. Pick at the 5-6” size for pickling or allow to grow up to 12” as a slicer; they keep their sweet crisp flesh at all stages. 55 days as picklers, 70 days for full length. Seed is tolerant to cool wet soil conditions and a good choice for first planting. Tolerant to PM, CMV, DM.

1,000 seeds/oz.; 2-3 lbs./acre; 7 days, 72°F
Start early indoors and transplant after 3-5 weeks or sow directly outside when soil temperature reaches 72°F.

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Certified Organic

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