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Python F1 Hybrid Melon Seeds

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(6-8 lbs.) Python F1 Hybrid produces large, excellent quality melons with 4” of flesh between rind and cavity. Packing 7’s and 9’s with high yields. Python F1 is oval with bright orange flesh featuring great fiber content. For smaller cantaloupe size, increase plant population 15%-20%. Tolerant to PM Race 1 & 2, FW Race 0, 1, 2, AB and DM (Central American Strain). Slips. 80-85 days.

(Western Shipper)
700-900 seeds/oz.; 3 lbs./acre. 10 days, 75-80°F.
Start early indoors or direct seed.
*Brix is a measure of sweetness.

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent

2 reviews for Python F1 Hybrid Melon Seeds

  1. yerffejortsaced (verified owner)

    • Ted Willard

      Good day, the inspector is coming today. Package will ship today also. will email you the tracking # . Best, Maureen

  2. yerffejortsaced (verified owner)

    i received them already…thank you very much…

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