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(5.5-6 lbs.) Penni F1 Hybrid Melon is a sweet cantaloupe with a long shelf life. It has classic cantaloupe netting on the skin. The flesh is firm, bright orange and it has a dry, closed seed cavity. The vines have high yields of uniform, oval fruit. Harvest when the melons change color where they rest on the ground and the stems develop a little drying or corking. They will not slip from the vine when ripe. Tolerant to FW Race 0,1 and 2 and PM Race 1 and 2. 80-85 days.

(Western Shipper)
700-900 seeds/oz.; 3 lbs./acre. 10 days, 75-80°F.
Start early indoors or direct seed.
*Brix is a measure of sweetness.

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent


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