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(4 lbs.) Master’s Choice F1 Hybrid is a Tuscan style hybrid melon with a full disease package. One of our best hybrid melons featuring a uniform roundness with thick flesh. This melon has a very heavy fawn colored rind and is an excellent shipper. This melon also exhibits a very tight seed center with dense netting and green sutures. Tolerant to Powdery Mildew, Fusarium Wilt Race 1 and 2, Alternaria and Podi Viruses. Harvest at 3/4 slip when the skin changes from bluish to yellowish/tan and the stem develops a little drying or corking. If you wait until the melon slips from the vine it will be over ripe. 80-85 days.

(Tuscan Type)
700-900 seeds/oz.; 3 lbs./acre. 10 days, 75-80°F.
Start early indoors or direct seed.
*Brix is a measure of sweetness.

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DP Seeds Variety, F1 Hybrid, No Organic Equivalent


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