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Scarlet Emperor Bean Seeds

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Scarlet Emperor is a scarlet runner bean which has a richer sweeter flavor than green beans. The vines are so stunning they are grown as an ornamental. Harvest the pods when 6” long for snap beans or let mature to 10” long and harvest for dried beans. The vines grow up to 10’ tall and are covered with scarlet flowers. 65 days for snap beans.

(Phaseolus coccineus)
Half Runner beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) grow 3-5’ tall depending on climate, weather and growing method. They are old fashioned beans and will only be stringless when young. Scarlet runner beans are up to 10’ tall.
500 seeds/lb.
7-14 days. 70-80°F.

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Heirloom, Open Pollinated

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  1. Steve A., Hillsborough, NH

    Scarlet Runner Bean
    Grows up to 15 ft, Flowers a deep orange/scarlet flower in clusters from just above the vine base all the way to the top. The scarlet runner bean when picked young is a delicious nutty flavored bean that also cans well, especially in a "dilly bean" (pickled). Leave beans on until first mild frost for drying. Beans can be as large as a quarter when dried. As dried beans they keep well. A fine utility bean, but the sheer size makes it better used as a novelty. Pods are dark green, bean dark green, dries to dark purple/black.

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