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(2′) Italian Oregano from our Italian Gourmet Collection dries easily and retains its flavor when dried. The strength of the flavor depends on the climate where it is grown. It has red stems and medium green leaves up to 1″ long.

(Origanum vulgare)
Perennial. Zones 5-12. 25,000 seeds/oz.
Used fresh or dried in many Mediterranean and Mexican dishes. Tolerates poor soil. Full sun.

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Italian Gourmet

1 review for Italian Oregano Seeds

  1. Hollywood, FL

    Excellent Seed and Germination rate
    The seed arrived quickly and was sown on January 13 and today (January 19)about 90% have germinated and have two leaves.They arrived in resealable black plastic bags with a clear window the seed was of excellent quality.

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