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4″ CowPots – The Pots You Plant


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CowPots, the best pots for starting your plants!

A CowPot is an exciting high-performing alternative to plastic and peat pots. These earth-friendly “pots you plant” are made with biodegradable, 100% renewable resource composted cow manure, unlike peat which is mined from bog eco-systems or plastic which is derived from finite fossil sources.

  • Planted pots biodegrade fast

  • Roots easily penetrate CowPots

  • Healthier roots = stronger plants

  • Enriches garden soil, naturally!

The special manufacturing process removes all of the weeds, pathogens and odor from the manure. All that’s left is the natural fiber and goodness of manure: the perfect plantable pot!

Great for Pro Greenhouses

For the commercial grower, CowPots will stay intact for at least 12 weeks and breakdown quickly once planted. The nitrogen in composted cow manure helps the CowPots naturally biodegrade. Within 3 to 4 weeks decomposition is well underway virtually eliminating transplant shock and allowing plants to establish themselves immediately.

CowPots have been rigorously tested and validated by numerous universities and many independent nursery partners. Testing has revealed that starting plants in CowPots can help shorten the growing cycle and increase fruit set by up to 10%!

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