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Plum Pro-Cut Pollenless Sunflower Seeds


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(4-6’) Plum Pro-Cut Pollenless Sunflower is one of the most unique sunflowers available! Each petal has a blend of plum colors. Starting with pink near the tips, darkening to mauve then to deep plum near a dark center head. Colors deepen and soften as each head matures. Florist quality sunflowers for your garden. Single stem 3-4” flowers are pollenless which makes them perfect to cut and bring inside. Space plants 6-9” apart (closer planting will produce smaller flower heads). Cut stems at 24” and plunge into cold water to prevent heads from drooping. Drought tolerant. 50-60 days.

(Helianthus annus)
Annual. 10-14 days, 68-86ºF.
Plant in full sun, tolerant of poor soil but needs regular fertilization for the best blooming.
Direct seed, seedlings do not transplant well.

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Suitable for Cutting, Bee Attractor


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