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Kiss Mix F1 Hybrid Gazania Seeds

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(8-10”) Kiss Mix F1 Hybrid Gazania features large daisy-like flowers in 10 colors. Sturdy stems form beautiful mounded plants.

12,000 seeds/oz.; 10-12 days, 70°F. Sow on sterilized soil and cover lightly. Needs darkness to germinate. Blooms 10-12 weeks from sowing. Do not overwater.


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1 review for Kiss Mix F1 Hybrid Gazania Seeds

  1. Stephanie D., Yale, MI

    So far, so good.
    I had 100% germination on these seeds. I made a small indentation in my seed tray, put the seed in and gave them a light dusting with medium grade vermiculite just to hold them during watering. Seeds popped in 3 days.

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