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New Carpet of Snow Alyssum Seeds

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(3-5”) New Carpet of Snow alyssum features dainty, pure white flowers. Excellent spreading habit for borders and beds.

(Lobularia maritima)
80,000 seeds/oz.; 8-10 days, 78-82°F.
Do not cover seeds when sowing. Water only with  warm water. Susceptible to damp-off.
Great for containers and baskets. Sow after danger of frost has passed.

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1 review for New Carpet of Snow Alyssum Seeds

  1. A. Williams, Houston, TX

    Great seeds
    I grow my flowers from seeds as a hobby and these germinate so easily from seed outdoors sown directly in the ground in December! Since you can buy in bulk it is so much easier. Before I was buying from Park Seed and had to carefully place each seed in the bio sponge, then baby them and transplant them and THEN plant them in the ground because the seeds are so expensive. With these seeds I just scatter them on the ground. What a time saver!

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