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Radish, Groundhog Cover Crop Seed


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(1-2′). Radish, Groundhog is an amazing radish that will smother weeds, aerate soil and provide nitrogen for the following crop. It has an extra large root system (up to 18″ deep) to pull nutrients from deep in the soil. It can capture up to 200 lbs. of nitrogen per acre for your crops. Because it has large tap-roots is also breaks up and aerates compacted soils. Plant in spring or late summer. Late summer plantings are best for achieving the largest roots to compost back into the soil as well as a dense canopy to choke out fall germinating weeds. It shouldn’t be planted in wet spots if you want it to over-winter. It is a brassica and can be inter-planted with other brassicas, clovers and grasses. Groundhog produces more root mass than oil-seed radishes. Plant when soil temperature is 45ºF or warmer.

Planting rate = 1 lb./1,000 sq. ft.,
10-12 lbs./acre.

(Raphanus sativus)
40,000 seeds / lb., Zone 7

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