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Hairy Vetch Cover Crop Seed


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(2-3 ft) Hairy Vetch is a legume that is a nitrogen fixing cover crop and loosens compacted soil. It has lovely purple flowers that are attractive to honey bees. Hairy vetch has a dense growth habit that chokes out weeds. Plant in well-drained soil in spring or late summer. The plants go dormant over the winter and start growing again in the spring. It grows nicely in any well-drained soil except for heavy clay. It can be inter-planted with annual rye (4 parts annual rye to 1 part hairy vetch), oats or field peas. It is best to till it into the soil before it sets seed to prevent it from naturalizing. Wait 2-3 weeks after tilling into the soil before planting your crops. Plant when soil temperature is 60°F or warmer.

Planting rate = 1 lb./1,000 sq. ft.,
30-40 lbs./acre.

(Vicia villosa)
19,000 seeds/lb., Zone 4

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