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Clover, White Dutch Cover Crop Seed


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(4-8″) Interplant with your lawn grasses with Clover, White Dutch or grow as a cover crop. White Dutch clover is a legume and adds nitrogen to the soil. Plant anytime during the growing season. The flowers attract bees to pollinate your garden and field crops. White dutch clover grows well on poor soils where other crops struggle. Keep irrigated until the seeds germinate and plants are established. Once established the plants are drought tolerant. White Dutch clover is appropriate for lawn, garden and pasture use. Soil must be 40ºF or above to germinate.

Planting rate = ¼ lb./1,000 sq. ft.,
6-8 lbs./acre.

(Trifolium pratense)
776,000 seeds/lb., Zone 4

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