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Barley, Beardless Haybet Cover Crop Seed


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(3′) Barley, Beardless Haybet is a 2 row barley that can be used as a cover crop and grain crop. Its straw is also valuable. It is an excellent cool season cover crop for early spring or late summer planting. It is quick to establish and out-competes weeds. It can be planted alone or in combination with oats or winter peas. It helps to control root knot nematodes. Soil must be 40°F or warmer for seed to germinate.

Planting rate = 2 lbs./1,000 sq. ft.,
80-125 lbs./acre

(Hordeum vulgare)
14,000 seeds/lb., Zone 7eeds full sun and well drained soil. Mulch plants in winter. Many uses including flavoring meats, soups, stews, vegetable dishes and salads.

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