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Winter Squash

Storing Winter Squash After Harvest

Did you know some winter squash store longer than others? Some even get better with age! Here are some simple rules of thumb to following after harvesting your squash bounty.

Give time to cure–Many squash taste better after they sit a bit. As water evaporates during storage, the natural sugars in the flesh become more concentrated. This will give your squash a richer texture and sweeter flavor.

Larger-sized fruit tend to store longer when kept under proper conditions, which are cool and dry–50-55 degrees with low humidity

Here are some examples of squash curing and storage times:

Eaten immediately & Stored 2.5-3 months: Acorn, Delicata, Honeynut

Cured 1-1.5 months & Stored up to 6 months: Buttercup, Kabocha, Red Kuri, Spaghetti

Cured 1.5-2 months & Stored up to 6 months: Hubbard, Butternut

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