Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation Nursery Pledge

Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation

Nursery Pledge for Porcelain Doll Seed to Benefit Cancer Research

The Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation is a 501(c)3 charity established to collect 25 cents per Porcelain Doll Pink Pumpkin sold and distribute those funds to cancer research programs that agree with the goals of the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation.

Plant Growers (will be named Nursery henceforth) are encouraged to complete this pledge between the Seed Dealer and the Nursery. This document states the Grower pledges to collect 50 cents per Porcelain Doll Pink Pumpkin flat sold and send these funds to the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation address below by December 1, 2018.

The Nursery also agrees to identify Porcelain Doll Pink Pumpkins at the point of sale with appropriate advertisement such as the Porcelain Doll Tag and/or signs and to comply with other requirements and guidelines specified by the foundation, either directly or through information posted at

The Plant Grower/Nursery and Seed Dealer agree to represent no other pink pumpkin variety as Porcelain Doll nor to substitute or sell any other pink pumpkin variety under the Pink Pumpkin Patch Fdt. Program unless authorized to do so by the Board of Directors of the Foundation. Doing so would violate the spirit and image of the program and misrepresent the variety to the public. The Board of Directors of Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation reserves the right to protect the program.

Please mail funds to:
Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation
P.O. Box 670, Rocky Ford, CO 81067

You can also donate via Paypal on the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation website. Click here to donate.