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Pro-Cut Pollenless Sunflower Seeds!

Ideal for Cut Flowers! Plant some in your garden next to other Sunflower varieties that will stay outside.

Summer Squash

Check out our wide selection of summer squash! Straightneck, Crookneck, Zucchini Type and Round varieties available.

Winter Squash

Butternut, Acorn, Spaghetti, Kabocha, Gourmet, and More Winter Squash varieties available!


Microgreens are a nutritional wonder! We have generations of experience in the the seed business and store all of our Microgreen seeds under ideal conditions.

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USDA Certified Organic Vegetable Seeds
Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

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100% Seed No Filler Wildflower Seed Mixes

Resource Guides

A “PATH” to a Great Garden

Remember four words: Patience —Activity—Tolerance—Harvest These four steps will help prepare YOU and your garden for a spectacular show and harvest this year. The timeline for PATH (patience-activity-tolerance-harvest) is primarily March through July 4th (the harvest...

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Hot Pepper Growing Know How

Hot Pepper Growing Know How

As with many vegetable types, there are 100’s of hot peppers to choose from. From lava hot ‘Carolina Reaper’ to just a touch of heat ‘Paprika’. And their colors and shapes vary as much as their heat. All ‘hot’ peppers have two things in common: 1.The amount of...

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Our Commercial Seed Company Offers Vegetable, Flower, and Herb Seeds in Bulk and Packets for both Commercial Growers and Home Gardeners.

NE Seed is a non-GMO Seed Company. Good Seed, Glad Harvest.™

We offer conventional, organic, heirloom and hybrid seeds for professional and home garden growers of any size. We have signed the Safe Seed Pledge and most of our varieties are available as untreated seed. Let us be your quality farm, greenhouse and garden seed provider.

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NESEED Commercial Seeds for Growers of All Sizes