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Head Honcho – founder of NE Seed.  “I’m the 4th generation seedsmen going back to my great great-grandfather who grew seed in the Wethersfield meadows in 1890. I started working in the seed business with my family in 1964 while still in school.

An avid gardener with my wife Carol (she works with us in the NE Seed shop too), we turned half of our front yard into vegetable garden because we ran out of room in the back yard!

I love to try new varieties but my favorite tomato is ‘Grandma’s Pick’. 

When not in the garden, you might find me in my woodshop playing with tools, or kayaking, or hiking ….”



“I have a backyard farm with many chickens, ducks, cats and one crazy border collie dog!

I’m bubbly and full of zippity-do-da!!! 

I’m so lucky to have the whole family involved in the planting and growing of the garden and farm chores. Have one daughter and I’m proud of her in many ways from her growing skills in the garden to skills of everyday life. She is my sunshine.”  


“With my formal education in Emergency Medicine, I “retired” from a 20-year career on ambulances to start something new. After landing at NE Seed as a seasonal worker in 2011, it never was figured out how exactly to get rid of me.

Now I run the office, working primarily with dealer sales and keeping the computers from catching on fire. Mostly successfully. Currently I’m too busy growing children to garden, but I keep staring wistfully at the yard thinking maybe next year….”


“I love living on the small farm that has been in my family for 5 generations…just across the pond from Maureen!  It keeps me running all year long…

In the Spring I keep busy chasing the wild turkeys out of my extra-large garden filled with NE Seed’s newest varieties! 

In the Summer I am loading the hay wagon and chasing woodchucks to keep them from digging holes in the fields! 

After Thanksgiving, I am jogging in place to keep warm while selling Christmas trees outside in New England.”  


“I’m the ‘outsider’ of the NE Seed family, literally! I’m not in the office very often.

Most of my time is spent visiting our customers and farms all over the northeast, introducing them to our new varieties or sharing the joy of growing from seed with the next generation.

My love of green growing things originated with my grandmother, dad and uncle who all spent more time playing in the garden than any other pastime. I find myself the most fortunate of women; to work every day in a field that I love, and to be able to share it with my husband and grown children who also work in horticulture.”

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