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Please Plant the Peas

Please Plant the Peas

There’s something special about maintaining a gardening tradition. Most garden customs, even if they are steeped in legend, have a good reason for the practice. Maybe your grandmother planted flowers around her vegetables. Flowers planted in with the vegetables will...

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Square-Foot Garden in Milk Crates!

In 1976, Mel Barthomew introduced us to his method of gardening:intensive, space saving, raised bed, no weeding in one square foot! Since then many gardeners have embraced the method and tweaked it to their own area. A great option is to reuse milk crates as the...

Successful Seed Starting – What to Plant and When

Direct seeding or transplanting by soil temperature is much more dependable than a date or counting back from the ‘frost free’ date in your area. Published ‘frost free dates’ are based on the average last (or first) date that the temperature is expected to fall below...

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